Travel notes – Issue 23 | November 2015

Anchorage in the Great Land

by Karen Benning

It is early summer in Anchorage, and small clusters of tourists wander in the distance in anticipation. They wait for something, anything Alaskan, to happen.

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The Value of Small Money

by Megan Hallinan

Who would have thought that a five-dollar bill would cause so much trouble?

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by Sandra Larson Scottie is profiled once again against the marsh, just beyond our doorway, dusted with snow, where he is waiting, like I am, to step into the next frame—more countries, more weather, more funerals, the next life.

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Thirty Cents

by Tommy McAree

Something they don’t tell you is that peace of mind costs money.

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by Kate McCahill

Tonight, this is my India: through rattling open windows, salted wind.

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Going Places

by Rachel Miller-Howard

Out of a hundred drivers the great majority find cars pleasant enough, and some will be obsessed with them in mechanical terms, but two or three out of the hundred will be obsessed with going places, pure and simple, for the sake of movement, anywhere and practically anytime.

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Susanville CA: Notes From The Road

by Susan Volchok

With wildfires blazing in Southern Oregon and Northern California, we homed in on Susanville as the ninth night’s destination, for the most obvious of reasons (beyond, I mean, its seemingly safe distance from the uncontainable conflagration).

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