PoetryIssue 20 | May 2014

Two Poems by Anna Weaver


If all this isn’t just for show, maybe
we should go home. If people live

here for reason other than for us
to gawk at, maybe we should leave

them to it. Let’s never again say words
like colorful or poignant, never wave

hands to punctuate the story of what
we once saw through $50 sunglasses

and healthy eyes. Yes, let’s make our way
home and stay there, lick our wanderlust

like a flesh wound, absently stroke
the smooth scar at parties as we listen,

for a change, to the lives of the other
guests. It won’t be so bad, keeping

company with running water, sidewalks,
vaccinations. Eventually we will learn to bear

the full weight of our money. Meantime,
the cities will not miss us much. Schoolgirls

will continue to wait on busses and opportunity,
the waiter will linger over a cigarette out back,

street hawkers and pedicab drivers will drive
on in the haze of their own making, none

of them noticing the merciful absence
of our apologetic smiles and clean feet.

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About the author

Raised in Oklahoma, Anna Weaver has yet to find a more satisfying sky or a better sunset on three continents. Not that she’d admit it if she had. Last summer she crossed the South China Sea four times between Singapore, Manila, Macau, and Jakarta. A frequent reader at local open mics, she has performed in Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, and Raleigh. Her poems have been published in Star*Line, Utter, Wild Goose Poetry Review, and elsewhere, and she has twice been translated into Polish. She lives in North Carolina with her two daughters and keeps track of all this here.

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