PoetryIssue 12 | June 2011

Two Poems by Andrew Kuhn

Park Avenue, espresso

I saw doormen sad-eyed as cashiered caudillos,
puff-eyed bullfighters down on their luck

stoic doormen like statues of liberty
one upthrust arm saluting the traffic

lean, canny doormen quick to the angles
commanding the curb like retired squash champs

loafing, lollygagging, laughing doormen
lunching outside with a view of the talent

doormen scarily, uncannily large, built
to step out and stop cabs with their hands

skittery, twitchy doormen with that junkie sidle
doormen who anyone could see should not be doormen

tragic doormen with secrets
philosopher doormen with limpid lives

family-man doormen, doormen roués
gnostic doormen

doormen dull and lumpen, submerged
in flesh, appliances with no pilot light

drink-blasted doormen scored and scoured
capillary disaster-red roadmap faces

angelic doormen sexually gifted
laid each and every day of their lives

doormen who once in other places killed men
and more than once but don’t dwell on it now

inscrutable doormen of unknown provenance
taking it in, giving nothing away.

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About the author

In his knockaround days, Andy Kuhn fixed up an abandoned building, ran a firewood business, worked as a tutor and a journalist, and traveled in Africa and India. Now a psychologist, he lives with his family in the New York area, and enjoys exploring with them.You can find his work in The Chimaera.

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