Postcard prose - Issue 17 | March 2013

Post Office Bay

by Jenny Williams

In Post Office Bay, the winds circle and never land. The sea brings sand to shore, and takes it away again.

You asked me to tell you the origin of faith: Once, ships lay anchor in this sheltered cove, and sailors brought letters to a barrel placed past the mark of highest tide. There they left their letters and picked up others whose destinations matched their own, knowing each had been left by a man with a message, hoping another man would take their letters home in a month, or a year.

And so they did, and carried them on; and the ships carried the sailors, and the currents carried the ships, and none truly knew the value of their cargo.

About the author

Jenny Williams originally hails from California, and her travels have taken her across Africa, Asia, and Central America. She currently lives in Marburg, Germany with her dog; subsequently, her journeys mostly involve the local forest and a Frisbee. Her work has appeared in The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Matador Travel, Pology, and The Sun Magazine, among many others. She is the current director of the Glimpse Graduate Program at MatadorU. Visit her here.

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