Poetry - Issue 19 | December 2013

Words I have traveled, sadly beyond

by Janice D.

Words I have traveled, sadly beyond

Airports, of course. My
Boyfriend had a Cessna—he
Could loop the loop, but Sonny
Died in Dallas. He OD’ed.
Eighteen-wheelers pull right over
For a thumb, or flash of leg.
Greyhound bus is better.
Had to learn the hard way.
I learned though. Drove a
Jeepny in Manila for four months.
Kayaked on the Colorado.
Learned some more.
Motorcycled up to Machu Picchu.
Never crashed but once.
Ohio? Rode straight through it.
Pretty girls can always get a lift.
Qatar was weird. Damned camels spit
Right in your eye. They do. Don’t laugh.
Somewhere else is where I’m headed now.
Trains? Freight trains, love trains, the Eurostar.
Underground in London. Swiped a
Vespa in Milan. Bought a Bentley in Berlin.
What a crazy time I had in
Xanadu. I’ve looped the fucking loop.
Yeah, part of it is lies. The rest is true.
Zoneless, baby, nowhere, that’s my home.

About the author

Janice D. Soderling is a wannabe time traveler. There must be a better warp to live in. A previous contributor to Literary Bohemian, she also has current work at The Dark Horse, Light, Mason’s Road, Rotary Dial, The Stockholm Review and Rattle’s feature, Poets Respond.

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