Poetry - Issue 15 | June 2012

Two Poems by Nina Bahadur

East 10th Street

with the things that happened
and the bad words and the stupor
and three days with the blinds down

with the ten-dollar coffee maker
and the air conditioning coughing
and the dimes in our tequila fund

with the boys on the fifth floor
and their fishbowls and their phone numbers
and their alarms set at 5:45

with our navy blazers at the dry cleaners
and my grapefruit halves for breakfast
and the tab from the bankers

with the 6 train at night
and a barbershop quartet through the tunnel
and fake eyelashes on his bedstand

with our heels lined up by the door
and the visitors and the guacamole
and a packet of condoms

and a drink at five-thirty
and a dinner at eight
and a drink at eleven-fifteen
and a club after midnight

and the phone always ringing
and my raised arm on the corner

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About the author

Nina Bahadur is a Londoner who now studies in the United States. She has been published in Magma and Pomegranate Poetry, and is currently writing a short collection for publication. Her favourite travel destinations include any country where she can practise her awful Spanish.

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