Poetry - Issue 08 | February 2010

Two poems by Neil McCarthy

Worry About It Tomorrow, Do


Today, I found myself sitting on
some steps
opposite a gay sauna
on La Trobe Street,
penning postcards and lying
through my teeth;
but the steps were a good
place to view the ‘Batman
Building’ roaring above Elizabeth
Street and the
steadfast flow of commuters
of whom I am now jealous.


Two years ago in Shanghai,
I saw buildings as big as
my ambitions.

Today, I was unsure whether these
buildings speaking to me were saying
“Go find a job” or
“Go find a god.”
Worry about it tomorrow, do.

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About the author

Neil McCarthy has been on the run from Ireland for the best part of a decade, writing and reading, flirting and boozing in places as tourist-friendly as Bolivia, Mongolia, and Russia. He has lived in Australia, China and Finland and has had poems published in the The Dalhousie Review, New York Quarterly, and Poetry Salzburg Review, to name a few. He is currently in financial exile in Vienna, Austria, waiting to meet a rich woman with a bad cough.

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