Poetry - Issue 17 | March 2013

Three Poems by R L Swihart

Inukshuk (Victoria)

Between Emily Carr and the orca topiary. The Empress.
Perhaps the bees were sleeping.

Morning, she said, smiling.

Up early, he replied. Going to work?

You could say that.

The cool wind swept her along, rags of smoke spotted her wake.
She cut corners, scoffed at lines.


Names on bricks (too many to count) between bricks w/o names

The work-in-progress of Pollock gulls

An old clock that’s standing still

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About the author

R L Swihart loves travelling: A circuitous journey from Amsterdam to Poland and back again has just given him a few new beads on his I’ve-been-there bracelet: Aachen, Dresden, Wroclaw, etc. Recent publications include Avatar Review, Burningword Literary Journal, and Rain Magazine.

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