Poetry - Issue 02 | December 2008

Music Nobel

by Don

Music Nobel

The Swedish Academy today announced the
winner of the inaugural Nobel Prize in Music,
awarded to a musician and composer, known
as Orpheus, who with his lyre, was cited for

quintessentially producing the loftiest, most
idealistic, and exquisitely beautiful expressions
of sound ever appreciated by the human ear;
evoking the hauntingly, profound echoes from an
immortal Past that continue to serenely resonate
above the din of the Present

The black-tie ceremony was accompanied by
a banquet recital from the artist, during which,
a seemingly seismic event was noted by several
attending dignitaries, including Royalty, and
later confirmed by those from the kitchen,
that the silverware had trembled, and moved
across tablecloths, as if on its own accord.

About the author

Former Chicagoan, Don Pesavento can be seen along the shores of Lake Michigan, writing poems and throwing them to the wind. Don attended the PhD Program for Writers (poetry) at the University of Illinois, Chicago, before receiving his MD from Northwestern. Recent poetry is in Underground Voices and Origami Condom

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