Poetry - Issue 11 | January 2011

Instead of a Hand Feathered by a Fountain Pen

by R L

Instead of a Hand Feathered by a Fountain Pen

Rain turns to sleet and pushes the other visitors inside. On the edge of the mountain eye she looks across to banks of gray snow. The shark washes up on shore  
A wink is exchanged for a nod then she arranges for the trip to Kraków where the shark is eased into the Wisła near Wawel. If the remainder of the trip to LA is hard to imagine, imagine a shark gliding along an overpass


On April 20, 2010, Vladimir Saldi is thinking of her—with a weak but happy flashlight he scans her pages and scant bio—and she has obviously been thinking of him.  While automatic hands steer the car through heavy traffic, his eyes lift quickly from the moving grid and see the knifing fin

About the author

R L Swihart loves travelling: A circuitous journey from Amsterdam to Poland and back again has just given him a few new beads on his I’ve-been-there bracelet: Aachen, Dresden, Wroclaw, etc. Recent publications include Avatar Review, Burningword Literary Journal, and Rain Magazine.

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