Poetry - Issue 15 | June 2012

An Ancient Citizen’s Tweets From Athens, Greece

by Sandra

An Ancient Citizen's Tweets from Athens, Greece

Athena, your temple has collapsed. Crazy people are trying to piece it together but I have no heart to tell them they’re centuries too late.

Eroded gods in a state of undress. Majestic friezes, columns grounded, pocked, dirty ribs out of rhyme. britmuseum.com/allegations

Gone are the gardens and pools. No respite from summer heat, and sand sticks in your sandals in this marble-dusty place. @trees/carob/olive

How I long for vistas of pure light. The cerulean sky now wears a dirty shroud. Arrived Hilton. city.athens.com/autoemmissions

Dinner on the balcony overlooking the Acropolis. The night sky has no stars, yet the view of absence is clear. hotels.greece.com/parthenon

Artemis draped in her full moon, hangs low, dropping gold dust on the Parthenon and odd light shines from inside it. @postcards.com/athens

I must admit, whatever the disappointment, I’m still a proud Athenian. Broken beauty is still beautiful. #greekart @acropolis.com.

Today hurried thru the still-labyrinthine streets to the Agora. Regal iris bloom among its ruins. greek.history.com/democracy/centerof

I knew Socrates was gone, but where are all the other philosophers, traders, criminals? And no pickled fish! urban.renewal.com/lawsuits

And women walk as they wish! I’d like to take this idea back to our golden age. @golden.age/womenrights

Fake stars strung over our neighborhood streets & different folks out at all hours & still grilled lamb abounds restaurants.com/traditional

Sipping weak mead at Hilton. Like time, our bees have fled @apilogy/wine. Delphi soon. I’ll see what remains there. travel.com/Corinth

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